Books by Bill Glose

Winner of the 2023
Library of Virginia Fiction Award

          All the Ruined Men

Finalist for the 2021
Library of Virginia Poetry Award

                  Postscript to War

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                Half a Man

              Virginia Walkabout

          Personal Geography

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                  The Human Touch

                 Child of the Movies

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                   Ten Twisted Tales


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Bill's books can be purchased directly from the author. This is the best way to get signed copies (they will not be signed unless requested). You can either use PayPal or send Bill a check for the amount specified in the table below.

If you prefer to order from online vendors with a credit card, there are purchase links on each book's individual page (click the covers above).

  1. Click the dropdown menu to select a specific book to purchase.
  2. If you want the book signed, use the text field to let Bill know whom to make the book out to. You can also put any other directions here, such as "Please just sign it without any sentiments."
  3. To purchase more than one book, add each book separately by clicking "Add to Cart."
  4. You can click "View Cart" to follow your progress or make changes to your order.

Individual titles
Whom to address if signed copy
When purchasing directly from Bill, specify which book you are ordering. Prices are as follows for single book orders:

All the Ruined Men$28 (for hardback)
Postscript to War$15
Virginia Walkabout$15
Half a Man$15
Personal Geography$15
Child of the Movies$15
The Human Touch$15
Ten Twisted Tales$15
Memory of Spring (Chapbook)$9


There is a shipping fee of $3.00* added to each order, but that amount is not multiplied if you order more than one book. Order one book and you will pay $3.00 shipping. Order two books (or ten) and you will still just pay a total of $3.00 shipping.

*shipping cost is more if shipped outside the continental United States

You can also purchase books at one of Bill Glose's scheduled events or through online retailers (use links at top of page).

If ordering by mail, be sure to include:
  1. Name of book being ordered
  2. Number of copies ordered
  3. Mailing address
  4. Check payable to Bill Glose (do not send cash through the mail)
Send requests to:
Bill Glose
24 Oakwood Drive, Apt. 102
Yorktown, VA 23693

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