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Publications & Awards

Bill Glose accepting the
F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Story Award



   Click to view larger cover image The Human Touch


Winner of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Story Award (2001)
Winner of The Dateline Award for Excellence in Journalism (Trade Journal category) (2020)
Named the Daily Press Poet Laureate (2011)
Virginia Press Association First Place Award for Sports News Writing (2004)
Winner of The Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award (2020)
NPR's "Poet of the Day" (read by Garrison Keillor) on The Writer's Almanac for July 1, 2017
Winner of The Robert Bausch Fiction Award (2019)
Winner of The Heroes' Voices Poetry Contest (2018)
Winner of The Morgantown Chapter Award from the West Virginia Poetry Society (2008)
Artist's Choice Winner of the Rattle Ekphrastic Challenge (October 2016)

Winner of Missouri Humanities Council National Award for:
  • Veteran's Fiction (2020)
  • Veteran's Poetry (2019)
  • Veteran's Interviews (2017)
  • Veteran's Poetry (2016)
First place in contests sponsored by the Poetry Society of Virginia:
  • The Bess Gresham Memorial (2020)
  • The Charlotte Wise Memorial (2019)
  • The Sarah Lockwood Memorial (2019)
  • The The Judah, Sarah, Grace and Tom Memorial (2018)
  • The Honoring Fatherhood Award (2018 & 2017)
  • The Raymond Levi Haislip Memorial (2017)
  • The "Handy Andy" Prize (2017)
  • The Nancy Byrd Turner Memorial (2016)
Nominated three times for the Pushcart Prize:
  • 2019 nomination by Tar River Poetry for "Talisman"
  • 2018 nomination by Rattle for "Phases of Erasure"
  • 2017 nomination by The Northern Virginia Review for "Lighthouse Brick"

PUBLISHED POETRY Bill's poems have been published in over 100 journals, including:


The Missouri Review

The Sun

Poet Lore

Narrative Magazine

The Potomac Review

Amsterdam Quarterly

The Northern Virginia Review

Online poetry Samples:

"Renaming the Planets" on NPR's The Writer's Almanac
"Alternate History" in The Sun
"Phases of Erasure" in Rattle
Four Poem Feature in Narrative Magazine
"Men of His Generation" in Boston Literary Review

Bill at The Hylton Center

PUBLISHED FICTION "What Won't Stay Buried" in Proud to Be: Writings by American Warriors, Vol. 9, Nov. 2020
"River Crossing" in Iconoclast, fall 2020
"Words Outlive the Tongue" in The Deadly Writers Patrol, fall 2020
"A Nearly Perfect Day" in Bottom Shelf Whiskey, June 2020
"Dirge" in Cottonwood, 2020
"Falling Backwards" in Doubly Mad, 2020
"Her Brother's Apartment" in The Northern Virginia Review, 2019
The Desert Came Home," a series of 9 flash-fiction stories in The Florida Review, 41.2, Spring 2018
"Doors" in Proud to Be: Writings by American Warriors, Vol. 6, Dec. 2017
"Two Miles from Hilton" in In Good Company, Vol 8, winter 2010
"Things I Say" in Dots on a Map: Stories from Small Town America, winter, 2009
"Rejection Letters" in Chiron Review, summer 2008
"The Scrapbook" in Sweetbay Review, fall 2007
"Family Values" in Chautauqua Literary Journal, summer 2007
"Letting Go" in The Endicott Review, spring 2006
"Second Chance" in In Good Company, Vol 5, spring 2005
"Escaping Ocracoke" published in The Summerset Review, fall 2004
"Hook, Line, and Sinker" in Krax Magazine, fall 2004
"Fresh Fish" published in Short Stuff Magazine, spring 2004
"A Taste of Power" published in The Blackest Death anthology, November 2003
"Lessons" in Hindsight, fall 2002
"Just Desserts" in American Feed, spring 2002
"Playing The Fool" in Enigma, spring 2002
"Worker's Lunch" in Virginia Writers and Artists, 2002, March 2002
"Choice Words" in Identity, fall 2001
"Fall" in Short Stories Magazine, fall 2001
"Deadly Game" in Virginia Adversaria, summer 2001
"Just Desserts" in The Armchair Aesthete, summer 2001
"Dry Eyes" in Virginia Adversaria, spring 2001
"Remembrance" in Virginia Writers and Artists, 2001, April 2001
"Irony" in The Adirondack Review, fall 2000
"Dishonor Among Thieves" in Virginia Adversaria, summer 2000
"Burnt Offerings" in Mystery Time Magazine, spring 2000
"A Very Short Trip in the Woods" in Story Bytes, August 1999

Contributing Editor with Virginia Living, Mar 2003-Aug 2020
(Responsible for "Book Page" column in most issues plus dozens of feature stories)

Regular contributor with Super Lawyers magazines in various East Coast states
(61 articles written, including more than a dozen cover stories)

Regular contributor with Coastal Virginia Magazine
(Over 50 articles written, including a year-long series on Eldercare)

Freelance articles and essays written for other publications

"Ready, Set, Quote" published in The Writer, August 2019
"Transatlantic Cables Anchored in Virginia Beach Make the Area a Digital Port" published in CoVa BIZ, Aug/Sept 2018
"A Year of Smiling Lies" and "Emergency Landing: A WWII Pilot's Story of Survival" published in Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, Vol. 6, Dec 2017
"Experts Debunk Genre Fiction Cliches" published in The Writer, April 2017
"Art of the Interview" published in The Daily Press, March 17, 2015
"No Comment: The Battle to Get Quotes" published in Southern Writers Magazine, Mar/Apr 2015
"Lessons from Jon Pineda's 'Matamis'" published in The Nearest Poem Anthology, 2014
"Man with a Plan" published in TechSideLine, May, 2011
"Walking Home" published in The Sun, March 2010
"Homage to my Mentor" published in The Writer, October 2009
"Jane Susan Profile" published by HRM Primetime, Fall, 2008
"Choosing a Publisher That's Right for You" published in Byline Magazine, May/June 2008
"Life Starts Now" published by HRM Primetime, November, 2007
"Billy Ball" published in a supplement to The New York Times, March 25, 2007
"Center of a Literary Neighborhood" published in Byline Magazine, September 2006
"Poker Goes Mainstream" published in Southern Arts Journal, summer 2006
"Collateral Damage" published in July Literary Press anthology Hello, Goodbye, fall 2004
"Comedy Collaboration Leave Hampton Roads in Stitches" published in Port Folio Magazine, September 7, 2004
"The Kite Runner" book review published in Paradox, November 2003
"Do I Really Knead Reference Books" published in Beginnings Magazine, summer, 2003
"Floating Café Attracts Newport News Writers" published by American Writer, spring, 2003
"Woman Published After 27 Years" published by GRIT, March 16, 2003
"Ten" in Branches Quarterly, summer 2002
"The Monk Downstairs" book review published by Bibliophilos, summer, 2002
"Sand Soccer Attracts Players with Grit" published by The Army Times,
     The Navy Times, The Air Force Times, The Marine Corps Times, June, 2002
"David Baldacci Interview" published by Bibliophilos, March, 2002
2 biographies published by Literary Online, 2001
"Worst Queries" in Writer's Digest, November 2000
"The Big Game" published by The Daily Press, January 15, 2000
9 profiles published by Virginia Adversaria, 2000-2002
"A Hokie Revival" by Full Court Press, The Women's Basketball Journal, Dec 1999
"King Omits Connecting String That Holds Stories Together" published by The Virginia Pilot, September 26, 1999
"Local Author Displays Sinister Bend" by Peninsula Entertainment News, July 1999
"It's Story Time at Barnes & Noble" published by Peninsula Parent, June 1999
"Unleashing Your Creative Desires" by Peninsula Entertainment News, May 1999
"Returning From the Doghouse" published by Leisure Suit Magazine, Feb 1999
16 articles published by The Pigskin Post, 1999
39 articles published by TechSideLine, 1998-2005
22 movie reviews published by The Video Review Guide, 1998-2000
20 articles published by Hampton Roads Life, 1998-2000